Qualities of a moral leader


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Qualities of a moral leader

– Moral leaders approach the world from the perspective of those who have been left out, the vulnerable, the poor. (upbeat music) This is a moment in history where all of us need to practice the attributes and develop the skills of moral leadership. The two that may be the most important are persistence and grit because you have to fight a status quo which is, which is held in place by bureaucracy, corruption, and complacency, and a belief in yourself, a sense of faith that you can make a difference even though the problems might seem overwhelming.

We’re living in a time in the United States and across the world of great division, fear of one another, and these are times when it becomes easy for demagogues to arise and to prey on our fears which are really the broken parts of ourselves, our insecurities, and we’ve seen over and over in history how that can often lead us to make bad decisions and sometimes even do terrible things.This is why this is the moment for moral leadership and to look for those ways that unite us and that transcend left and right, and race and religion and ethnicity, and what we’re learning into this interconnected world is there is so much more that does unite us than that divides us.

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