White House, Republican leadership downplay chances of quick healthcare deal


Image result for aca repeal

White House officials and Republican aides worked to downplay expectations of an imminent vote on Obamacare reform legislation Thursday amid widespread speculation that a healthcare deal was in the offing.

While both the White House and GOP aides confirmed that healthcare negotiations have continued throughout the congressional recess, both sides stressed that a compromise bill may not be ready for a vote by next week, when lawmakers return from their two-week break.

“Congress needs to act quickly on a solution for the American people. Our administration is engaged in those conversations and we are making progress,” a White House official told the Washington Examiner. “But there is not a set deadline to complete it.”

A senior Republican aide told the Examiner that discussions about how to unite members behind an Obamacare reform bill had yielded “no legislative text.”

And Trump himself expressed uncertainty that a new version of the healthcare bill would be ready by next week, although he predicted it could be ready “shortly thereafter.”

“We’re doing very well on healthcare,” Trump said. “We’ll see what happens.”

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