Chris Van Gorder & Mike Williams: Tips for Career Advancement


Today’s segments feature clips from the exclusive interviews with Chris Van Gorder, president & CEO of Scripps Health in San Diego, CA, and Mike Williams, president & CEO of Community Hospital Corporation in Plano, TX. In both of these interviews, each of these leaders give a few tips for career advancement.

In the first segment, Chris Van Gorder talks about being present in your current situation and giving it the best you have. Too often people focus on the next big thing before doing what actually needs to be done:

“What I always try to tell people is I say, ‘Spend time really doing a good job. People will notice you if you’re doing a good job and they will grab you and pull you out and give you those opportunities. If you spend all your time looking for that next opportunity, it probably won’t happen.’”

In the second segment, Mike Williams discusses work ethic and motivations for success, stating:

“From the very beginning of your career think about what it is you can do for others. How can you make a contribution to the industry, to your colleagues, to those that you are serving? And if in fact you do that, not only will you be affirmed and satisfied, the opportunities for success will come.”

Each of these highly successful healthcare leaders has had immense success and they are valuable mentors from whom to learn. Two great lessons: do a great job where you are, and focus on serving others!

To watch the full segments, click below.

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