Scripps CEO Chris Van Gorder responds to healthcare vote

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When Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., cast his decisive vote Thursday night to stall GOP efforts to repeal the ACA, Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of San Diego-based Scripps Health, took it not as a rejection of specific policies but instead a rejection of partisan politics.

In a written statement, Mr. Van Gorder emphasized that while healthcare has been subject to divisive political rhetoric during recent reform efforts, it is vital not to lose sight of the actual goal of healthcare professionals — to provide patients with quality care.

“The health care vote in Washington is important, but not as important as what we do every day and ensuring we’re able to do it,” says Mr. Van Gorder. “For now at least, the ACA will continue with its current provisions for care delivery. Despite its challenges with reduced reimbursements, this will provide us some increased stability as we plan for the future.”

Mr. Van Gorder points out that the political process is vital to deciding how care is paid for and delivered, and he encourages politicians to work across the aisle to craft legislation that provides Americans with robust coverage.

“That said, when it comes to health care legislation, representatives from both parties agree the ACA needs to be changed. But any healthcare bill passed unilaterally by one party — whether it’s the ACA in 2010 or repeal/replace in 2017 — will not stand the test of time,” said Mr. Van Gorder. “Something as complex, life changing and personal as healthcare deserves thoughtful consideration and debate and a true dialogue with those on the front lines of health care delivery.”

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