RWJBarnabas hospital exec placed on administrative leave after Facebook comment

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Michellene Davis, an executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer for West Orange, N.J.-based RWJBarnabas Health, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into a racially charged Facebook comment, according to the North Jersey Record.

Ms. Davis commented on a article that her friend shared on Facebook.
“Who is going to train them not to shoot black children first?!?” Ms. Davis commented.

The comment has since been deleted. It did not appear on a public post, but screenshots began circulating on social media.
A few days later Ms. Davis posted an apology on Facebook for what she called “an insensitive and offensive comment.”
She has reportedly deleted her Facebook page.

“My concern for the safety of schoolchildren and gun violence led me to react to a headline without thinking,” she wrote in the apology post, according to the North Jersey Record. “Having a late sister and other family in law enforcement I deeply respect the law enforcement community and appreciate their service and admire their sacrifice.”

RWJBarnabas Health is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.

Ellen Greene, a spokesperson for RWJBarnabas, told the North Jersey Record, “statements posted by RWJBarnabas Health official social media outlets are the only statements that represent the views and policies of the organization.”

Read the full article here.


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