Health Care in the 2020 Presidential Election — A Commonwealth Fund Blog Series

Comparing the Candidates' Health Care Plans

Before each presidential election, the Commonwealth Fund analyzes the major health policy positions of the Democratic and Republican candidates to assist Americans in making informed choices. In 2020, with health care rising to the top of the electorate’s concerns for myriad reasons, this information has never been more important.

In the next week, we will be publishing a series of analyses that compare the positions of President Donald Trump and his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, on topics like:

prescription drug policy;

the affordability and availability of health care and insurance, including the issue of preexisting conditions;

questions concerning older adults, like Medicare; how best to control the costs of health care;

addressing mental and behavioral health concerns;

and strategies for advancing health care equity.

In most previous presidential election years, we have had the opportunity to compare fairly well-delineated party and candidate programs. In 2020, President Trump and the Republican party have chosen not to issue any party platform or formal policy positions. Therefore, we have derived our description of President Trump’s program from the policies he espoused, and decisions made during his first term. Vice President Biden’s information comes from his campaign platform.

We hope you find these summaries helpful as you weigh your choices for Election Day.

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