5 painfully ineffective leadership styles


Image result for negative leadership

Though there are many different leadership styles one can employ to inspire exceptional performance, poor leadership can have devastating effects on the morale and productivity of an organization, according to Entrepreneur.

Listed below are five ineffective leadership styles to avoid avoid if you hope to have a high-performing organization.

  1. Reactive leaders often wait to act until action has already occurred, in which case they are playing catch-up to leaders who had the confidence to plan ahead for expected outcomes.
  2. Overly optimistic leaders take the healthy virtue of optimism too far, thinking so positively that they fail to account for situations where their employees or organization may fall short. They may also trust their extreme optimism over the facts at hand, which contradict their gut assumptions.
  3. Controlling leaders don’t give their employees room to succeed on their own and insist on having a hand in every aspect of their organization. By not trusting people to do their jobs, all a controlling leader does is create more inefficiency and suffocate talent.
  4. Distant leaders do not connect with their employees, who like to feel as though their boss knows them and are often inspired to do better when they feel a leader is personally invested in their success.
  5. Narcissistic leaders inevitably alienate subordinates by taking credit for the success of the team, which makes employees feel less valued. This can make employees less motivated to work hard on the next project if they know their contributions will get swept under the rug.

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