‘America’s Other Drug Problem’: Copious Prescriptions For Hospitalized Elderly

‘America’s Other Drug Problem’: Copious Prescriptions For Hospitalized Elderly

Harriet Diamond at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, May 5, 2016. (Heidi de Marco/KHN)

An increasing number of elderly patients nationwide are on multiple medications to treat chronic diseases, raising their chances of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. Often the drugs are prescribed by different specialists who don’t communicate with each other. If those patients are hospitalized, doctors making the rounds add to the list — and some of the drugs they prescribe may be unnecessary or unsuitable.

“This is America’s other drug problem — polypharmacy,” said Dr. Maristela Garcia, director of the inpatient geriatric unit at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. “And the problem is huge.”

Understand the Culture: 8 Questions to Ask Potential Employers

Understand the Culture: 8 Questions to Ask Potential Employers

Here is today’s rundown for the SelfPerpsective Podcast.

John is working on a new CEO search which led him to focus on the importance of understanding a potential employer’s corporate culture.  

On Wednesday, John’s blog, After All These Years:  It Is Still the Culture, discussed how candidates said they were rarely, if ever, provided any information on a suitor’s corporate culture.  This is amazing since poor culture fit is one of the most common reasons that candidates recruited from outside an organization are forced out in less than two years.

Today John, who has a reputation for accurately reading a company’s culture after only a short period of time, provides some sample questions for candidates.

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