Good Vibrations: The CEO’s Practical Guide to Create and Amplify Energy

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CEOs who harness energy accelerate value creation, while those who deplete energy or allow it to dissipate struggle to achieve their goals. Managing energy, of course, is not just the CEO’s job. But it is especially important for the CEO to master the skill. CEOs must connect with, influence, and mobilize individuals who are often dispersed by thousands of miles. They must also engender enthusiasm, trust, and confidence among people who, in this age of social media, are often more likely to trust their peers than their leaders. What’s more, CEOs increasingly interact with outside stakeholders, where the first impression is often the only one they get to make. There is little opportunity for a do-over.

‘Value Creation’ And ‘Value Shifting’ In Health Care

‘Value Creation’ And ‘Value Shifting’ In Health Care



The whole industry seems to be reading from the same playbook: Pair up with a company that makes the same product to become a leading provider, and thus gain more clout to negotiate business with hospitals and health insurers. There is ample empirical research in health economics showing that consolidation on the supply side of the health care sector has served to drive up prices. It is another way of saying that it supports value shifting, rather than value creation.

My gratuitous advice to the drug industry, and to the health care industry in general, is to be very mindful of the distinction between value creation and value shifting in their pricing policies, lest they eventually invoke the wrath of the losers in that game, with dire consequences.