84% of Execs: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Healthcare


Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely revolutionize the way healthcare systems interact with their patients.

More than 80 percent of healthcare executives polled by Accenture believe that artificial intelligence is on track to completely revolutionize healthcare, and a similar number believe that the advent of machine learning and digital healthcare is driving a significant restructuring of industry economics.

“AI is the new UI,” proclaims the report. “It’s a new world where artificial intelligence is moving beyond a back-end tool for the healthcare enterprise to the forefront of the consumer and clinician experience.”

“AI is taking on more sophisticated roles, with the potential to make every technology interface both simple and smart – setting a high bar for how future interactions work.”

The report envisions a healthcare environment where AI can take over the majority of processes currently overseen by humans.  Consumer relations and patient engagement are likely to be among the first tasks to undergo the shift.

Eighty-four percent of executives believe that AI will fundamentally alter how they gain information from patients and interact with consumers.  A similar number have prioritized the implementation of centralized platforms that take advantage of messaging bots and other services.

More than three-quarters believe that these decisions will make or break their ability to develop a competitive advantage over their peers in the near future.  Eighty-two percent agree that industry leadership will be defined by how well healthcare organizations architect comprehensive, seamless digital ecosystems that truly understand what motivates the choices of their patients.

“The new frontier of digital experience is technology specifically designed for individual human behavior,” the report asserts. “Healthcare leaders recognize that as technology shrinks the gap between effective human and machine cooperation, accounting for unique human behavior expands not only the quality of the experience, but also the effectiveness of technology solutions.”


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