Story of Two Chest X-Rays

Dr. Jesse O’Shea, an infectious disease physician, posted this x-ray showing the difference between two of his patients; one with and one without the vaccination. Very telling and compelling visual, and we wanted to share.

To follow his page, please visit:“A Story of Two Chest X-Rays. One patient with a vaccine and one patient without. Version 2—for the crowd that wants specifics without violating patient privacy (these are published cases).

The top picture is a 47-year-old man who received Pfizer vaccine (1) and developed COVID19 2 weeks after. He was overweight (BMI = 29), but without any known comorbidities. He had runny nose, mild body aches, mild cough. His chest X ray is relatively normal.

The bottom picture is a 50-year-old active female patient without obesity and not on medications. Her chest X-ray shows diffuse opacities, consolidations in both lungs with lung damage (all the fluffy white) and a pattern that looks like the worst feared complication of COVID19—acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). She needed intubation, mechanical ventilation, and ECMO (extra-corporal membrane oxygenation) – the most life support we can offer.

The mRNA vaccines are effective at preventing severe disease and death— even with the Delta variant.

Our ICUs are starting to fill up with unvaccinated COVID19 patients again.

“To my fellow healthcare workers, keep your head up!”

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