34 states where child care costs more than college tuition 

The annual expense of child care for an infant exceeds the annual cost of in-state tuition at a public four-year university in 34 states, according to the most recent data from the Economic Policy Institute. 

At this point in the pandemic, healthcare is among the top three industries when it comes to people quitting or changing jobs. The quality and cost of child care is top of mind for healthcare decision-makers given its strength as a determining factor to push people from the U.S. labor force. Mothers continue to shoulder the majority of family caregiving responsibilities, making child care a heavier tip of the scale for healthcare, where women make up the majority of the front-line workforce (66 percent) and managers (59 percent), according to research from McKinsey. 

Infant care expenses exceed college tuition in 34 states and Washington, D.C. Below is each state ranked by how much infant care costs exceed or compare to the cost of tuition at a four-year public university, along with the median family income in each state and infant care as a share of income. 

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