4 Specific Areas of Focus and Responsibility


Every organization has vision, which requires focus in order to achieve. The focused pursuit of vision is what truly sets apart a successful organization from another. In today’s featured segment, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO of Northwell Health, discusses his focused pursuit of Northwell’s vision and mission.

According to the bio referenced in this clip, Mark Solazzo is “responsible for integrating the strategic plan of the organization through its operations and maintaining an organizational culture that recognizes the importance of strategic change leadership, excellence in execution, accountability and the ongoing commitment to long-term growth and innovation.”

In reference to this, Dan Nielsen asks Solazzo:

“What are the actions that you take or the decisions that you make to make sure that those are embedded in your organization on a daily basis?”

Solazzo answers by discussing how strategic change leadership and long-term growth and innovation go hand in hand. “It starts with the team you select.”  Solazzo emphasizes the importance of picking a diverse team and then trusting them to get the job done.

In regard to “excellence in execution and accountability,” Solazzo states: “We have a very well-developed system of metrics and accountability reporting.” This is system wide and monitored closely.

To view the full segment and hear the rest of Solazzo’s response, click below.