Coronavirus surges across the U.S.

As more Texas businesses open, health experts watch and wait

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are reaching alarming levels in some states.

What they’re saying: “Arizona is the new national hotspot for COVID-19 with more than 4,400 new cases in just the last 72 hours. Per capita, Arizona’s infection rate is now more than three times higher than New York state. It’s spreading like wildfire,” Rep. Greg Stanton tweeted last night.

The big picture: Several states have seen record numbers of new cases over the last few days, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South CarolinaReuters reports.

  • On Saturday, Texas reported 2,242 coronavirus hospitalizations — a record for the state, per the Houston Chronicle. Health officials are becoming concerned about hospital capacity.
  • Arkansas, North Carolina and Utah also had record numbers of patients enter the hospital on Saturday, per Reuters.
  • South Carolina recorded nearly 800 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, setting another single-day record and raising the state’s seven-day average for the 17th day straight,” the Post and Courier reports.

The bottom line: There’s never been any reason to think that states with mild outbreaks in April weren’t at risk of having a crisis in June, especially states that haven’t taken lockdowns or social distancing as seriously.

  • “This is not the second wave of the pandemic in states like Arizona, Texas, Utah, California, and Florida. Unlike in New York, the first wave never ended in these places,” the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Larry Levitt tweeted.




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