Florida Coronavirus Deaths Spike To Record High After Days Of Declines


Florida Coronavirus Deaths Spike To Record High After Days Of Declines


The coronavirus death toll Florida reported Tuesday set a new daily record high for the state, while new cases, hospitalizations and the number of ICUs at capacity once again rose, reversing what had been days of the state’s coronavirus crisis appearing to show signs of improvement.


Florida reported 186 new coronavirus deaths Tuesday, topping a record that had stood since July 22 and ending a streak of what had been a declining daily death toll every day since then.

Hospitals reporting 0% available ICU beds are also again on the rise, with 55 facilities reporting they were at capacity Tuesday, up from the 49 that reported 0% availability Monday.

Other major metrics that show worsening coronavirus spread, like hospitalizations and the rate of tests coming back positive, are also on the rise after declines during the past week.

Florida is the nation’s coronavirus epicenter, and has been for weeks—posting daily case increases that have been unmatched by any other state during the pandemic thus far.

Florida reported 9,243 new cases Tuesday, a rise from the 8,892 reported on Monday, which was the lowest increase the state had posted in three weeks, yet still more cases than most countries have reported throughout the entire pandemic so far.

The death toll in Florida is still far below what New York had during the worst of the pandemic there in March and April, when on its worst days the state would report around 1,000 deaths on its own.


Florida was one of the fastest states to lift restrictions on its economy, and was eager to do so since the state largely avoided the dire impact the spring coronavirus surge brought to areas like New York. But a spike would come. Around Memorial Day, when large crowds packed popular vacation spots, the state was only reporting about 500 new cases a day. By mid-July, the state was regularly reporting over 10,000 new cases a day. A rise in hospitalizations would follow, and, more recently, a spike in deaths.


The southern part of the state has been the hardest-hit, including the city of Miami. Even its baseball team, the Miami Marlins, have not escaped the rampant coronavirus spread in Florida. At least 17 members of the organization, mostly players, have tested positive for coronavirus—thrusting plans for a 2020 Major League Baseball season into doubt.





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