States ranked by uninsured rates

Uninsured Rate by State: Percentage of People Without Health Insurance

Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the U.S., and Massachusetts has the lowest, according to an analysis by WalletHub, a personal finance website. 

To measure the rates of uninsured by state, analysts compared the overall insurance rates of each state in 2019 using U.S. Census Bureau data. Analysts also examined the state rates based on age, race and income. Access more information about the methodology here.

Massachusetts has the lowest uninsured rate for adults and children, at 3.39 percent and 1.52 percent, respectively. In Texas, which ranked last, the children’s uninsured rate is 12.75 percent and the adults’ uninsured rate is 20.47 percent. 

Here is each state ranked from lowest to highest uninsured rate, according to the analysis: 

1. Massachusetts

2. Rhode Island

3. Hawaii

4. Vermont

5. Minnesota

6. Iowa

7. New York

8. Wisconsin

9. Pennsylvania

10. Michigan

11. Connecticut

12. Maryland

13. New Hampshire

14. Kentucky

15. Delaware

16. Ohio

17. Washington

18. West Virginia

19. North Dakota

20. Oregon

21. Illinois

22. California

23. New Jersey

24. Virginia

25. Colorado

26. Maine

27. Montana

28. Nebraska

29. Indiana

30. Louisiana

31. Arkansas

32. Kansas

33. Utah

34. Alabama

35. New Mexico

36. Missouri

37. Tennessee

38. South Dakota

39. Idaho

40. South Carolina

41. North Carolina

42. Arizona

43. Nevada

44. Alaska

45. Wyoming

46. Mississippi

47. Florida

48. Georgia

49. Oklahoma

50. Texas

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